Reshaping Fashion Retail Without Disruption

Uncertain Times Create the Need for Rapid Digital Transformation

For fashion retailers, COVID-19 piled on enormous pressure, with store closures, adapting to social distancing and contactless shopping rules.

The key to staying competitive is to embrace digital technology that helps you react and adapt at speed, enhance safety and delights customers.

Make Clienteling Contactless. Don’t Leave Customers Waiting

Even with social distancing, customer service is still key. In fact, your service must be better than ever before to assist safety-conscious shoppers.

With less footfall, every engagement counts. Equip every employee with a Scandit-powered smart device to confidently answer customer questions on the spot with a simple scan.

  • Access relevant product information in aisles.
  • Smartphones are a simple, lower-cost way to keep stock counts constantly updated.
  • There is no need to share pool devices.

Eliminate Lines, Reduce Walkouts

70.7% shoppers said social distancing at checkout-tills was the safety measure they most desired, according to BrandsEye.

Mobile POS helps stores short on space say goodbye to long lines. Scandit scanning software enables fast and easy retail point-of-sale transactions on smart devices anywhere in store, on pop up tables or in aisles.

  • Quick and easy to deploy on any smart device.
  • No need to change the POS system, no need for costly dedicated hardware.
  • Keep employees and shoppers safe and distanced.
mPOS without the fuss
turn smartphones into personal shoppers

Turn Smartphones into Personal Shoppers with Scan-enabled Apps

In the new normal, the emphasis has shifted from dwell to sell. Shoppers want to get in and out, with less interactions and exposure.

  • Self-scanning apps display useful product information on smartphones with a quick scan.
  • AR overlays create e-commerce style experiences in store displaying reviews or personalized offers on screen.
  • Inform customers, increase conversions. Shoppers can even scan, pay and go for added convenience.

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Smartphones Help Ensure Accurate Inventory

As stores reopen, some are remaining ‘dark’ to serve growing online demand. Dark stores promise more cost effective, efficient e-commerce fulfilment.

It’s win-win for retailers and customers – if your inventory data is up-to-date. That’s where smartphone scanning is your key advantage.

  • Give every employee a scanning-enabled smart device integrated with backend systems, and as they fulfill orders, your inventory levels are constantly updated with every scan.
  • With Scandit, deploying scanning into existing apps and store infrastructures is simple.
  • Enhance visibility of inventory, create a swift order fulfillment process.
smartphone scanning your secret weapon

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