Reshape Fashion Retail Without Disruption

Scandit’s barcode scanning technology can make your fashion operations more contactless and efficient.

Retail Needs Rapid Digital Transformation

COVID-19 piled enormous pressure onto fashion retail brands. Store closures, social distancing, and contactless shopping rules, are just some of the issues.

The key to staying competitive is to embrace digital technology. It allows you to react and adapt at speed – enhancing safety while helping customers and staff.

Empower Store Staff With Smartphone Scanning

The rise in e-commerce since the pandemic means it is more important than ever to keep on top of inventory. If a customer is unable to find the product at your store, they will go somewhere else.

Stores have become a key plank in the order fulfillment process. So the more staff you have tracking store stock the more accurate your inventory will be. Benefits include:

  • Smartphone scanning is a cost-efficient solution for your daily operations.
  • Scandit’s Barcode Scanner SDK integrates seamlessly with existing infrastructure.

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One Device – Many Uses

A smartphone scanning app with Scandit’s Barcode Scanner SDK provides your staff with an enterprise-grade scanner.

With our high performance, it is easy to forget this is also a phone. With one device staff can perform many other duties including:

  • Communicate across the store to get product and stock information.
  • Manage markdowns or price verifications.
  • Replenish inventory.

Smartphone scanning allows retailers to give staff their own barcode scanner. This not only makes them more effective but removes the need to share devices.

mPOS without the fuss
turn smartphones into personal shoppers

Test It Yourself

Don’t take our word for it, you can test out both our native and web SDKs on your own phone.

You will find our technology will easily fit into your existing system whether it was built yesterday or uses legacy code from web 1.0.

In the unlikely event you have problems, we have expert technical support on hand to help deploy the right solution.

Our solution consultants are ready to work with your IT teams to rapidly migrate to a smartphone-based camera solution. So you can urgently meet any increases in demand.

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Retail experts from New Black and Scandit explore how legacy IT can hold back the customer experience and ways computer vision can help order management thrive with a high functioning ecosystem.

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