Augmented Reality in the Workplace

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Augmented Reality in the Workplace

Last week Gartner released predictions that augmented reality (AR) will become an important workplace tool. According to Garnter’s report, AR technology has reached a point of maturity where real business value can be derived from AR-based solutions.

Gartner analyst Tuong Huy Nguyen explains that “(AR) is especially useful in the mobile environment because it enhances the user’s sense via digital instruments to allow faster responses or decision-making.” This value has been increased by developments in the precision and quality of location services and image recognition technology.

Gartner predicts that AR will be useful for:

– Finding objects
– Detecting or highlighting objects of special interest (e.g. radiation; heat signatures, etc)
– Instructing a worker on where to go and what to do
– Providing supplemental information about an object of interest (e.g. size; distance)

Similar to Gartner’s predictions about smart glasses, Nguyen suggests that AR will be most useful for field service, or for workers who “do not have immediate access to information, or jobs that require one or both hands and the operator’s attention.” If this holds true then technicians of the future will be able to receive instructions and identify small parts through a head-mounted display or mobile device. Many more interesting use cases are likely to arise, from pilots and ship captains viewing real world objects through fog to surgeons having anatomical labels during surgery.

For all the juicy details be sure to read the full report. Stay tuned for more discussion about augmented reality and wearable technology in the coming months!