If Barcodes Could Sing: Barcode Music

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if barcodes could sing barcode music

At Scandit, we are always on the lookout for the latest creative uses for the barcode. We’re big fans of barcode art, poetry and now, music. This week, we came across a particularly exciting barcode that caught our eyes—and ears—as Moscow-based artist and engineer, Dimitry Morozov, released a barcode tattoo scanner that plays sounds upon decoding his 8-by-3-inch barcode tattoo.

“I wanted to combine two passions—electronic music and robotics—and I already had tattoos.” –Dimitry Morozov, Artist and Engineer

Morozov’s tattoo isn’t your average barcode. The artist and self-taught engineer designed the tattoo himself and retrofitted a barcode scanner using a stepper motor and Nintendo Wii remote to guide the sensors along his arm. Using the Wii remote accelerometer, Morozov can move his arm to adjust the tones distortion while reading the barcode.

While some people may not be crazy about the monotone barcode music, we think the device is very unique and we celebrate Morozov’s creative spirit for showing us something we have never seen before. You can read more about the device, and see it in action below.