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Post & Parcel enterprises are always looking for new opportunities to refine their transportation workflows. Thanks to recent breakthroughs in augmented reality (AR), you can replace your dedicated barcode scanners with AR-enabled smart devices—lending simplicity and greater efficiency to all three phases of your Last Mile delivery operations. The result? Streamlined distribution, optimized deliveries, and stress-free experiences that keep customers coming back.

At Scandit, we’ve spent the past decade empowering businesses and consumers with intuitive mobile computer vision tools. Enterprises across a range of industries rely on our data capture solutions to bolster the speed and flexibility of their scanning, text and object recognition processes—paving the way for superior business results. Today, we’ll be teaching you more about how our AR-enabled mobile scanning solutions can simplify and improve your transportation operations. But before we dive in, let’s take a moment to review how augmented reality technology applies to the Post & Parcel industry.

How Augmented Reality Supports Post & Parcel Workflows

Augmented reality is a technology that merges computer-generated assets with real-world environments. In the context of Post & Parcel, AR overlays can include detailed sorting instructions, real-time updates on deliveries, and much more—making communication faster and more reliable across your entire workforce. Augmented reality adds meaningful value across the Last Mile delivery ecosystem, driving better business outcomes for your enterprise and your customers.

1. AR in the Distribution Center

The regional Distribution Center plays a key role in ensuring that packages and parcels are loaded onto the correct vehicles for delivery. However, with so many items to account for, it can be challenging for staff to manage and sort them efficiently. With Scandit-powered smart devices, Distribution Center workers get enterprise-grade mobile scanning capabilities, and AR overlays enable them to organize, load and manage parcels with ease. AR also enables users to acquire special real-time instructions for identifying and distributing parcels—supporting smoother, error-free operations.

Scandit’s versatile mobile computer vision tools offer the same scan performance as dedicated scanners at a fraction of the price, making data capture with smart devices dramatically more cost efficient.

2. AR for Point of Delivery

The final step in the Last Mile process, parcel delivery, involves a range of complex tasks, including vehicle navigation, parcel identification and capturing proof of delivery (PoD). Completing these tasks quickly and accurately drives efficiency, keeps costs under control, and creates real value for customers. Scandit-powered devices empower dispatchers to more effectively plan itineraries, plot out optimal delivery routes and keep real-time tabs on parcels out for delivery to customers—making fleet transportation more efficient.

Vehicle drivers can use their AR-enabled smart device to access GPS navigation and get real-time updates, allowing them to react on the fly to changes in weather, traffic and other dynamic navigation factors. Unlike conventional handheld scanners, drivers can use Scandit-powered mobile scanning solutions with augmented reality to scan multiple barcodes at once to quickly find a specific package in the vehicle. AR overlays can also communicate last-second updates or special delivery requirements right before the delivery. Check out this video to see this innovative process in action.

3. AR for PUDO

PUDO (Pickup & Dropoff) operations demand precise coordination between Post & Parcel enterprise and third-party pickup locations. Enterprises can make use of Scandit-powered smart devices to ensure that customers have their packages delivered to the right location at the appropriate time. These adaptable, easy-to-use transportation solutions can help delivery drivers plan itineraries, refine delivery routes and reach drop off locations more efficiently, driving more consistent and efficient transportation operations.

Scandit’s mobile data capture technology can provide AR feedback to help employees at pickup and dropoff points identify and sort the correct parcels in seconds, improving efficiency while eliminating human errors. Designed with simplicity in mind, our smart device-based mobile scanning solutions can be used by employees or temporary workers with any level of experience to sort and process incoming or undelivered packages—driving more streamlined and cost-effective PUDO operations.

Scandit’s Post & Parcel Solution

Now that you have a better understanding of how Scandit mobile computer vision can support your Last Mile delivery operations, let’s break into more specific information on our Post & Parcel solution. The Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK is a software-based data capture tool that can be integrated into almost any existing IT environment. This award-winning technology can turn any modern smart device (ranging from smartphones and tablets to wearables) into enterprise-grade barcode scanners, eliminating the need for traditional mobile scanning hardware. SDK-powered devices offer unrivaled capture speed and accuracy across a range of challenging conditions, including moving, damaged and poorly lit barcodes—enhancing the reliability of your data capture workflows.

Not only are SDK-powered smart devices faster and more cost effective than conventional scanners, but they’re also easier to implement across your enterprise. Because most employees are already familiar with smart device apps, the Scandit solution requires virtually no training or adoption time. Moreover, because Scandit technology is compatible with such a wide range of mobile devices, your Post & Parcel enterprise can have staff use their personal smart devices for all data capture operations. This BYOD (bring your own device) approach significantly reduces TCO without compromising on performance, positioning your enterprise for greater success.

If you’re ready to learn more about how our mobile data capture technology can help you perfect your transportation and Last Mile delivery operations, then be sure to download our free whitepaper, “Mobile Computer Vision in the Post and Parcel Industry”. This resource will teach you everything you need to know about how our smart device-based solution can help you improve the accuracy, traceability and results of your Last Mile delivery processes—and how taking advantage of this technology will give you a competitive edge in your industry.

Optimize Your Post & Parcel Operations With Scandit

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