Convergence of print and mobile: Innovative use of barcodes to increase sales

Traditionally, EAN/UPC barcodes were used for product identification at checkout and they were almost exclusively printed directly onto the product packaging. With software such as the Scandit SDK, which turns every smartphone into a high performance barcode scanner, we are starting to see some innovative consumer applications. Check out this exciting approach by the Swiss retailer ExLibris.

The marketing team of ExLibris closed the gap between print ads and mobile commerce in a state-of-the art fashion. Instead of just promoting items on sale in regular ads, the ExLibris ads feature a barcode next to each of the books and DVDs promoted. That way, consumers can immediately order the DVD via the ExLibris mobile app. Just scan the barcode and check out. No need to remember to order the product online once back at home and no need to type in the product name in a mobile app. Since the ExLibris app is powered by the Scandit SDK, barcode scanning is super-easy for the consumer.

We love to see such innovative ways that bridge the gap between the physical and virtual world. We will surely see more of this stuff! If you come across other exciting approaches, let us know!