How Data Capture Solutions Can Elevate Your Retail Enterprise

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Data capture is any method of gathering key information and converting it into a format that can be read by computers. In the context of retail, data capture is used to digitize in-store operations and make essential workflows—ranging from price verification to mobile POS—more intuitive and productive.

If you’re looking for more specific information on how data capture solutions can support faster and smarter retail operations, our team here at Scandit can help. As a leader in enterprise data capture technology, we partner with retailers across the world to create powerful mobile data capture tools that deliver better business results. In this piece, we’ll be walking through a few specific workflows you can improve with data capture to create value for your retail enterprise.

Mobile Data Capture in Retail Business

Thanks to innovations in data capture technology, retailers can transform inexpensive consumer smart devices (such as tablets and smartphones) into enterprise-grade barcode scanners, streamlining a wide range of in-store, at-home, and back-of-house processes. These powerful enterprise data capture solutions offer the same speed and reliability as dedicated scanners at a fraction of the cost, enabling users to scan damaged, blurry or poorly lit barcodes more economically than ever.

Here are just a few key retail workflows mobile data capture can improve:

Mobile POS

online shoppingData capture solutions for mobile POS enable in-store employees to process customer purchases anywhere in the store via barcode scanning, creating a more flexible and economical checkout process. With mobile data capture technology and consumer smart devices, your enterprise can reduce reliance on expensive hardware and provide more shopping options for customers, driving greater profitability and engagement.

Leading mobile data capture solutions like the Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK can add robust data capture functionality to apps running on employee smart devices, significantly reducing total cost of ownership. And because employees are already familiar with using smart device apps, there’s little to no training required—enabling fast adoption of a mobile POS data capture app across your enterprise.

If your team needs to revamp its POS setup by reducing hardware expenses and in-store staff levels, then mobile data capture technology is a natural choice.


Retail teams can utilize data capture technology to create better customer relationships and drive sales, too. By equipping sales associates with their own clienteling app via inexpensive smart devices, they can access real-time information on product and customer data—and use those powerful insights to better serve shoppers.

Mobile data capture solutions for clienteling can reliably and efficiently scan product barcodes, displaying important details (such as item availability, sizes, colors, or customer reviews) right on the device screen. This advantage empowers sales associates to answer customer questions quickly and accurately, ensuring superior customer service. Custom clienteling apps can even be built to display unique promotions and deals on the products they scan, fostering increased customer loyalty and sales.

From supporting employees with real-time product information to tracking the performance of clienteling efforts via app utilization and conversion rates, a mobile data capture solution is the perfect way to elevate your clienteling efforts.

In-Store Picking

scanning box
With a smart device-based data capture solution, your retail team can make in-store picking easy and efficient. In-store picking apps leverage data capture to accurately scan product barcodes—using augmented reality overlays on the device screen to identify the correct products from large assortments. This makes the order picking process significantly faster and eliminates human error, driving greater customer satisfaction and service.

Mobile data capture solutions for in-store picking are designed with accessibility and versatility in mind, making them compatible across a wide variety of retailers. Thanks to the intuitive nature of in-store picking apps, they require little to no training to integrate across your enterprise. And because these apps reduce the amount of time it takes workers to complete order picking, they can be used to cut down on labor costs—facilitating leaner and more profitable workflows.

We recommend looking into mobile data capture technology if your team needs to refine its in-store picking setup and boost cost efficiency in general.

Self Scanning and Self Checkout

self scanning
Retailers can use mobile data capture solutions to help customers skip the checkout line and increase available floor space. Self-checkout apps enable customers to process orders on their own smart devices, saving them time in the store and creating more flexible shopping experiences in general. Self-scanning data capture apps require no training or hardware investments—and enable your enterprise to create a more flexible and cost-efficient checkout process on the whole.

Another main draw of mobile data capture solutions for self scanning is their ability to free up additional selling space by reducing the footprint of checkout kiosks. In doing so, your team can reduce labor costs and redeploy staff towards different initiatives that deliver new business value.

In short, self-scanning apps are an excellent choice if your enterprise is struggling with available floor space or needs to provide a more versatile checkout experience for shoppers.

Enterprise Data Capture With Scandit

If you’re ready to learn more about mobile data capture tools and how they can position your retail enterprise for success, then be sure to explore our free whitepaper on the subject. This resource breaks down an in-depth investigation from VDC Research on how mobile data capture boosts customer satisfaction and serviceability levels.

You can also connect with us for more detailed insights into our mobile data capture capabilities for retail. We offer a selection of powerful enterprise data capture solutions to improve the efficiency of your brick-and-mortar stores—and provide superior at-home shopping experiences for customers.

Last but not least, be sure to reach out if you need help finding the right data capture technology for your business needs. We’re always here to help.