Impressions of Scandit’s two-year birthday party

We’re hard workers for sure, but we also love to play. To celebrate our company’s second birthday we threw a little party for our friends, customers and partners at the les halles restaurant in Zurich last Wednesday. With an awesome crowd, passionate discussions and plenty of beer, wine, cheese and cold cuts, we kept going till way after midnight. Thanks to everybody who came along for a fun and memorable evening!

To see yourself in action or get an impression of what you’ve missed, head over to our Facebook or Google+ pages, where you can browse some of pics of this epic evening. And don’t despair if you could not make it: We’re happily extending our anniversary offer to you anyways – and we’re planning on partying soon again 🙂

PS: If you fancy our technology and services or if you’ve just met a likable member of our team, get some extra karma now and nominate Scandit as the Best Bootstrapped Startup on the 2011 Crunchie Awards!