Marketing Bloopers: Top 5 Most Absurd and Outrageous QR Codes

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qr code inside wc

QR codes can be a very powerful tool for marketers, but sometimes things can go horribly wrong. In the past we’ve looked at QR codes that are beautiful, QR codes that are weird and wacky and QR codes that are personalized. Today we want to continue the theme by bringing you our top 5 most absurd and outrageous QR codes.

We’ve gathered our absurdities from a blog known as WTF QR codes, which spends its time poking fun at some of the more ridiculous (and sometimes plain dumb) ways in which QR codes are used in the world.

Here are our top 5 most absurd and outrageous QR codes:

#5 – QR Code in the Toilet

Scan this QR code without dropping your phone in the toilet to fix your toilet. Brilliant.

#4 – QR Code on Bubba’s Crotch – It’s Bagel Time!

Maybe there’s some science to putting a QR code on Bubba’s crotch, but it’s doubtful.

#3 – QR Code on a Pizza

A QR code that smells like pepperoni… is this supposed to make you hungry?

#2 – QR Code Tattoos to Identify Cows  

Who doesn’t prefer QR codes with their beef?

#1 – Tagging your Child with a QR Code in Case of Emergency

We are truly a frightened species if this is what it’s come to. Who are these misguided parents? During an emergency do you really want someone fiddling with their phone looking for a scanning app?  Try Again.

In light of this post, we’ll create an upcoming post about the top 5 ways to create excellent QR code marketing campaigns. Stay tuned!