Mobile Ticketing Apps: The Decentralization of Event Management

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Mobile Ticketing Apps: The Decentralization of Event Management

Over the past few weeks we’ve discussed apps that are used internally in the retail industry for the inventory management, procurement and self checkout processes. We’ve explored the automotive industry by looking at VIN scanning, and today we’re going take a look at how mobile ticketing apps are transforming the entertainment industry.

Past vs. Present

In the past, admitting patrons to events required dedicated scanner hardware or manually looking up attendees as they arrive. In just the last few years, the expensive and complex ticketing solutions of the past are slowly being replaced with smartphone-based solutions. Newer online ticketing companies like Eventbrite are challenging ticketing giants like Ticketmaster with their flexible and intuitive systems.

Mobile Ticketing Apps

Using an online ticketing solution, anyone can create events and sell tickets. The web also functions as a portal for event discovery. Event managers can then download an intuitive app which allows them to scan participant’s tickets upon arrival. These smartphone-based ticketing systems deliver technology once reserved for large and established events, and make it available to event promoters of all kinds, regardless of the scope of their event.

Mobile ticketing systems also drastically reduce hardware and labor costs for event promoters, making it easier to throw profitable events. Powered by Scandit’s technology, the camera on the phone replaces the traditional laser scanner, delivering a sleek and familiar technology. Our innovative blurry barcode scanning technology helps to save battery through faster scanning, and also handles crumpled and damaged codes with ease, in the case where attendees wrinkle their tickets. In addition, our scanner is optimized for low lit situations, and has a torch function which allows you to trigger an LED light at night.

Build a Mobile Ticketing App

So you’re convinced, it’s time to build app what needs to happen next?

1)      Decide if you want to use an existing solution (like Eventbrite), hire a solution provider to build one, or build one in house.

2)      Decided which platforms you’d like the app to run on.

3)      Assess which systems you need the app to work with. Do you use an event management system? What kind of database does the app need to make changes to inventory?

4)      Identify the features you need, and find the best software components for the job.
(Our Barcode Scanner SDK is perfect for a mobile ticketing solution).

5)      Build and test your app (or watch it being built).

6)      Deploy and Enjoy.

Need help making a decision? Our sales staff is here to help. Contact us for more information.

Stay tuned for more usage scenarios including point of sale coming soon!