Motorola Whitepaper Sheds Light on the Future of Point of Sale (POS)

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Motorola Whitepaper Sheds Light on the Future of Point of Sale (POS)

Motorola recently released a whitepaper called “What’s Driving Tomorrow’s Retail Experience?” which takes a comprehensive look at how technology is shaping the retail experience of the future. The whitepaper covers a lot of ground, at first by discussing the “path to purchase” and then by going into detail for each step on the path. For each of these steps—Identify, Navigate, Discriminate, Validate, and Transact—the whitepaper discusses the current and future states of technology, and the solutions that enable each. Today we’re particularly interested in what they have to say about point of sale (POS), and how this aspect of the retail experience is changing. The whitepaper acknowledges that online checkout systems have increased the expectations of consumers at checkout, and streamlining POS has in turn become a major factor in improving customer service. We’re all beginning to become familiar with tablet-based POS systems like Square and ZingCheckout, but just how many retailers will move in the direction of mobile point of sale (mPOS)? The whitepaper is incredibly revealing.

Here are some interesting POS stats from the whitepaper:

–        By 2017, 23% fewer purchases will be completed at associate-staffed fixed POS terminals.

–        By 2017, roughly half of all transactions will be completed via mobile point of sale (mPOS), or self-checkout at a terminal or on a shopper’s mobile device.

–        44% of retailers are currently refreshing their POS and checkout strategy.

At Scandit we’ve anticipated this shift for quite some time, which is why we’re so dedicated to providing easy-to-use, yet highly advanced technology that enables mPOS in retail environments.

Using Scandit Technology to Enable Mobile Point of Sale (mPOS)

The trends are obvious, retailers are beginning to implement innovative new mPOS solutions that in turn will improve their customer service while providing them with a competitive advantage in the market. Almost all of these solutions involve the development or utilization of a mobile POS app, usually running on one of the top 2 mobile platforms, iOS  and Android. Using Scandit technology, retailers can add an enterprise-grade barcode scanning to their mPOS app. Our scanner can scan barcodes from any angle, and can capture the code with incredible accuracy from anywhere on the screen. There is truly nothing quite like it. Developers can access our barcode scanner for 90 days of testing by signing up for an Enterprise Trial plan. Watch our video to get a sense of the user experience:

Stay tuned for more posts discussing the future of point of sale, coming next week!