PDF417 Barcode Scanning for iOS and Android Coming Soon!

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Recently we announced that our upcoming Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK v3.0.0 will support PDF417 barcode scanning for the iOS and Android platforms, and today we’re going to look at these unique barcodes, and discuss their characteristics and uses. Here’s an example of a what a PDF417 barocde looks like:

PDF417 barcodes are linear barcodes which can store large amounts of data securely. Unlike 2D codes such as QR and Datamatrix, which are decoded using image sensors, PDF417 codes are scanned left to right. Used mostly for identification, you’ve most likely seen PDF417 barcodes on your IDs, boarding passes or US Mail. The number “417” is used because PDF417 barcodes have 17 sections each containing 4 bars and spaces. Here are some of the features that make PDF417 barcodes unique:

-Error Detection and Error Correction
-Data storage up to 1.1 Kilobytes
-User-specified dimensions
-Public domain format
-“Linking” to other codes for use cases with large data storage requirements

Using the Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK, mobile developers will be able to support a large variety of new use cases for iOS and Android devices involving identification cards, shipping labels and conference badges. Our beta release of PDF417 scanning is already available to developers! You can get started today by signing up for our free Enterprise Edition Trial.

Have a good idea for an app that utilizes PDF417 barcodes? Share your ideas in the comments section below.