Some Fresh Barcode-Themed Haikus for the Fall Season


As some of you may know, we created our own form of poetry here at Scandit known as the “Haikode.” Haikodes are basically barcode-themed Haikus, and we feature one each Friday on our Twitter channel. Today we wanted to share some of our latest and greatest barcode-themed haikus:

*The Next Step*

Employee Smartphone,

The key to BYOD,

Is in your Pocket


*The Tough Guy*

Just try to break me,

I am the rugged smartphone,

Scanning forever


And here’s one special Haiku that isn’t quite barcode themed, but we love it anyway:

*Ode to Jony*

Oh iOS 7,

All your flat pastel glory,

Sparkles and rainbows!

Be sure to tune into our Twitter channel each Friday for a brand new barcode-themed Haiku!