Turn Store Associates into Seamless Customer Service Providers with In-Store Mobile Barcode Scanning Solutions

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On some levels it may be counterintuitive, but the brick-and-mortar store is the focal point of seamless retailing. And mobile scanning is the perfect enabler to ensure the store functions smoothly as a hub connecting inventory to shoppers. On the associate side, mobile scanning supports a number of critical seamless retail activities. Employees can scan tags on products or shelves that need replenishment. Any stock-taking or inventory management activity becomes quicker, easier and virtually error-free with mobile data capture solutions.

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To maximize operational efficiency, retailers can embed mobile scanning functionality into an app. Rather than having to invest in costly handheld scanners, retailers can instead leverage smartphones or tablets. This greatly reduces equipment overhead, and may even open the possibility of using a bring your own device (BYOD) mobile strategy. The need to train employees on unfamiliar devices is also eliminated.

However, store associates often scan in environments that are physically challenging for smartphones. For example, stock-taking, markdowns and shipping/receiving may involve high scan volumes for long periods of time. Crowded store aisles or backrooms may result in frequent device drops and bumps. Associates also may frequently have to move about the store, heightening the chances of a smartphone being dropped or damaged. Furthermore, smartphones may pose ergonomic challenges to associates who use them for scanning in a variety of scenarios throughout a shift. That’s where the Scandit Case comes in. The Scandit Case is a barcode scanning case that works in conjunction with an app using the Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK or customizable Scandit Flow application to improve ergonomics and worker efficiency.

Leveraging a smartphone’s existing camera and flash, the Scandit Case eliminates the need for any additional electrical components, battery, built-in imager or laser scanner. Combined with Scandit’s software-based scanning capabilities, Scandit Case allows high-volume scanning of barcodes. Retailers can track every product every step using a smartphone. This improves the productivity of every worker and eliminates the need to invest in expensive handheld scanners or traditional mobile computers. This means associates can scan barcodes to obtain detailed product information. They can also record the location and availability of items for store-level fulfillment of online orders. This supports seamless retail operations such as click and collect or buy online, pickup in store (BOPIS).

However, fulfilling click and collect orders requires shifts in the typical store workflow. Associates may need to perform tasks often associated with the distribution center, such as picking and packing. They also may be required to perform other seamless fulfillment roles, such as shipping digital purchases to customer homes. Mobile data capture maximizes associate productivity by simplifying complex or unfamiliar activities that are part of the seamless customer experience. Store associates can also use Scandit powered solutions to perform checkout, obtain product discounts, and create registries.

In addition, mobile data capture enables associates to more effectively manage the dressing room by scanning items customers bring in and out. Retailers can better mitigate the risk of loss and be instantly alerted to products that have been left behind. The store associate retains a great deal of importance in the age of seamless customer service. Mobile scanning, especially when performed with the added ergonomics and protection of the Scandit Case can be a cost-effective and valuable addition to any retail store.

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