Meet Lorenzo in the Back End Engineering Team

So Lorenzo, what were you doing before joining Scandit?
I recently finished my master studies at ETH in Zürich in Information Security, and was looking for a nice opportunity for a job to start my career with.

That must have been hard work!  What made you join Scandit?
Scandit immediately looked to me like a fun and young company, where I could work on various problems and grow in many different and interesting areas I was interested in, not just what I studied or was already familiar with.

You’re in the Back End team, what does that mean you do on a day to day basis?
I am responsible for many different projects! I work on the full stack (but often mainly in the backend) of many of Scandit’s services and applications. I also deal with server maintenance, our network, databases and cloud infrastructure. Occasionally I work on web applications and libraries.

Sounds interesting!  Can you tell us more about how your role impacts the overall business?
I ensure that the services we provided to our customers are always available, responsive and performant; I provide useful data and visualizations for both external and internal use. I develop new innovative services and make sure our infrastructure is secure and stable.

So what is the most challenging aspect of your role Lorenzo?
I work with many different languages and tools, depending on the project I need to switch between various teams and areas of knowledge across the whole stack of software engineering.

Cool, bet that keeps you busy?! And what do you like most about your role?
I like the possibility of using and exploring different technologies depending on my current task, it really helps me to build up my knowledge and makes me feel that I’m contributing in many areas.

It certainly sounds exciting! Tell us about your team, what are they like?
All of the engineers I work with (or for that matters, in the whole company) are very young and energetic, with a wide range of skills and different backgrounds. I often deal with backend, frontend and mobile engineers, and we all develop together and exchange opinions on many different topics, independently from our main personal focus.

What excites you about the journey you are on with Scandit?
From the moment I started I could really feel how the work I’m doing has an impact on the services and progress of the company. I often work on new and exciting projects that originate from internal ideas and the very rapidly increasing amount of traffic and data we handle every day from all of our customers.

You sound inspired! So you’re based in the Zurich office, what’s the atmosphere like there?
Yes, I’m based in the Zurich office. The atmosphere is very relaxed and informal, we mostly stay in open spaces and often talk (or have some fun) with each other whenever is needed. There’s an extremely flat hierarchy and everyone really feels like they can approach anyone at any time.

That’s great! Do you ever do any socializing with other Scandits?
Yes for sure. We all meet every day at a common big lunch table, where during a long break we talk and joke about everything that’s currently going on with our lives. We also have quite often release drinks out in the evening whenever one engineering team does a big release, everyone is invited of course!

Pretty cool place to be then!  Any other ‘fun stuff’ going on?
One of the fun stuff we have going on are “cake days”, all the birthdays of our employees for which we all stop working for a while and sing and eat together in the office (we also have an official dashboard with countdown!). Another random event are “gummiboat trips”, where we all take an afternoon off, prepare our inflatable boats/rafts and lazily drift down the river until the sun comes down.

Ha! We’d like to see some pictures of that next time you go! So give us the inside scope on what the management team and Founders like?
They are very friendly and really feel part of the team because of the almost non-existent hierarchy. It’s always possible to randomly talk to each other about any topic, be it a serious decision to be taken, thoughts about random technologies, or just fun facts.

We’d like to know a bit more about you Lorenzo, what do you enjoy outside work?
I really like to run around in the evening whenever the weather allows it, or do various other sporty activities to be strong otherwise! On my computer(s)/console(s) I often work on different personal fun coding projects or play/mod various videogames. Since a couple of years I slowly began learning Japanese whenever possible, to reach 5 languages which I could decently understand (programming languages don’t count). I also enjoy to sometimes travel to Ticino for the weekends, to do some random trips on my bike and relax by the lake or river.

It’s been great getting to know you Lorenzo, thanks for your time today.  Finally, what advice would you give yourself if you could go back to your first day at Scandit?
I would tell myself not to hesitate to experiment with new ideas, tools and technologies!