Meet Viviane in the Marketing Team

Hi Viviane, can you tell us what you were doing before you joined Scandit?
Sure! I designed and delivered digital marketing campaigns to a large global software company, lived in New York and maintained the hope, that our creativity is unlimited.

So, what made you decide to join Scandit?
The mobility solution is rapidly rising and will be a sustainable business for the future. With my experience in the software industry, Scandit’s solutions amazed me.

You sound inspired!  Tell us what you do on a day to day basis?
With inbound marketing campaigns, I support lead targets and conversion rates to hit regional sales numbers. This involves a working closely with the sales and product team to manifest our key message and raise brand awareness of Scandit in EMEA territories.

What impact does your role have in the overall business?

Marketing impacts the sales performance heavily. Without marketing support, sales cannot move consideration rates.

That’s great! So, what is the most challenging aspect of your role Viviane?

The day to day business in dealing with a multitude of tasks from campaign management to communications, innovation and event management while communicating across challenging time-zones, languages and cultures.

That all sounds exciting, but what do you like most about your role?
I like to work with different teams on challenging tasks, being able to work independently and have the potential to grow with the company.

The Marketing team are based in multiple locations, what are they like?
We’re a fun and international team that produces high-quality campaigns.

That’s so good to hear!  What excites you about the journey you are on with Scandit?
Well, the company gives me the potential to grow, just like the business is growing!

You’re based in Zurich, what’s the atmosphere like in your office?
We have a very relaxed, cool and creative atmosphere, no corporate constraints and you feel very welcome the moment you enter our office space.

Nice! Do you do any socializing with other Scandits?

We have a great team spirit, with lots of events such as BBQ’s and boat trips on the Limmat.

What other ‘fun stuff’ goes on at Scandit?

HackerX events, weekly lunch runs and here and there Pizzas!

Sounds like a busy social life at Scandit! Tell us what you think to the founders?

They are three very creative, open-minded and entrepreneur-thinking individuals who are demanding, supportive and motivating at the same time.

It’s been interesting finding out more about life at Scandit Viviane. What else do you enjoy?
I love to spend time with friends, have BBQ’s on rooftops, discover new places and being ambitious for new sport challenges.

Finally, what advice would you give yourself if you could go back to your first day at Scandit?
I would do everything the exact same way!