Meet Andrew in the Sales Team

Hi Andrew, can you tell us what you were doing before Scandit?
Yes, I ran my own digital agency for 10 years, then I worked in the retail technology space.

Great! So, what made you join Scandit?
The technology is amazing! The steep growth trajectory of the business is exciting, great things are happening and it’s a really good time to join and the enthusiasm is infectious!

Wow, sounds great! What do you do on a day to day basis?
I speak to retailers and understand their requirements for barcode scanning and automated data capture. Then I articulate how we can help and the business value we can bring.

Sound interesting Andrew, but what impact does your role have in the overall business?
Well, the UK is seen as great market for Scandit with some really key retailers, many of whom have a global presence. Growing the UK will have a significant impact on the overall growth and profitability of the Scandit business.

Exciting times ahead then! What is the most challenging aspect of your role?
Yes, definitely! The most challenging aspect of my role is changing people’s perception of what can be achieved with scanning in an enterprise mobility environment. We can do so much more than many people might expect!

I see! Can you tell us what you like most about your role?
The autonomy. It reminds me of running my own business – without the boring bits!

Yes, the entrepreneurial spirit seems to run deep at Scandit! So, what are your team like?
The universally enthusiastic nature of everyone in the business I feel working along side them!

What excites you about the journey you are on with Scandit?
The opportunity is huge. Being on board at this early stage and having a direct influence is really interesting.

Do you get to do any socializing with other Scandits?
I work remotely quite a bit, so opportunities to socialise are limited.  However, I do enjoy dinner and drinks with my colleagues when we are together in London or Zurich.

What ‘fun stuff’ goes on at Scandit?
I’ve seen pictures of previous company off site meetings (many involving snow and mountains) and we recently had a company event in Barcelona, which gave everyone from around the world a great chance to meet and socialise.

That does sound like fun! So, tell us what the founders are like?
The founders are all approachable and very ‘hands on’, being directly involved in all aspects of the business. The structure feels very flat and it seems that no matter what your role is, you’ll be speaking with members of the management team on a daily basis.

Great stuff, thanks.  What do you enjoy outside work Andrew?
I enjoy walking the dog, eating out and watching movies and going to watch my football team – Northampton Town!

Finally, what advice would you give yourself if you could go back to your first day at Scandit?
None really!