Fly High, One Mobile Scan at a Time

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  • How inexpensive smart devices equipped with visual, intuitive solutions reduce operations costs with little user training.
  • Why the ability to capture multiple barcodes in a single scan and use AR overlays to access real-time passenger and flight operations data is critical for process improvement.
  • How to improve customer experience by providing real-time flight information throughout the journey.
Fly High, One Mobile Scan at a Time

Cut costs, fast track air travel operations and make life better for air travel passengers with mobile computer vision-enabled smart devices featuring augmented reality (AR).

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Alaska Airlines - Case study

Customer service agents now use iPad mini with Scandit software to quickly and accurately scan a variety of passenger and crew documents. Agents perform critical processes such as flight check-in, checked bags, seat changes, standby seat assignments, and passport and boarding pass verification, 20% faster than their previous scanning solution.

Make All Air Travel First Class

On the ground or onboard the flight, transform airline operations and customer experience with Scandit’s market-leading computer vision and augmented reality (AR). Learn how.