Scandit 2018 Retail Consumer Survey

We asked how consumers really shop on mobiles and in-store

Scandit’s 2018 Retail Consumer Survey provides analysis and insight into how consumers use mobile devices to shop and what type of in-store experience they expect. Using data collected from 1,500 consumers in the US and Europe, this survey answers the most critical questions facing brick-and-mortar retailers.

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Download Scandit’s “2018 Retail Consumer Survey” and find out:

  • What do your customers really think about brick-and-mortar retailers?
  • How can you leverage consumer connectivity into more sales?
  • What are the most popular digital enhancements to the in-store experience?

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2018 European Retail Automation Technology Innovation Award

Internationally-renowned best practices researchers, Frost and Sullivan, examine how Scandit enables retailers to create the digital in-store retail experience their customers want, without a large infrastructure investment and within an existing in-store environment.

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