Barcode Scanning for the Blind: “ScanGuide”

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Barcode Scanning for the Blind: “ScanGuide”

Many of us take for granted information we access through our natural senses—the information we see, touch, taste, hear, and smell on a daily basis. For the blind population, gathering information from their environment is a daily struggle. Thankfully, mobile solutions are arising that help the visually impaired better interact with their environment. Today we’d like to share with you a great partner app called Codecheck that includes an innovative solution to allow blind users to interact with products.

Barcodes are the key to a wealth of data and metadata surrounding products. Traditionally, barcodes are used in point-of-sale and inventory systems to identify products and calculate costs. As the world has changed and barcode scanning has become a standard capability for most smartphone users, a wealth of non-traditional data has been attached to products such as customer reviews and specialized content. has taken this approach through integrating our Scandit SDK into their app, ensuring their users a fast and accurate scanning experience.

The question must be asked—how does a blind person locate a barcode? To address the issue has collaborated with the Swiss Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired People and top-notch developers to augment our Scandit barcode scanning SDK with a function called “ScanGuide,” which guides the user through the barcode recognition process from start to finish. Once the user’s camera has reached an ideal position, the Codecheck app scans the barcode and walks the user through the process of accessing product information such as ingredients, quality labels, environmental impact, and reviews.  This type of information can be particularly helpful for users with allergies and dietary restrictions. Check it out.

Codecheck’s app is free and available for Swiss users, and the new “ScanGuide” feature is available for the modest price of 24,99 Euro (30USD). It’s amazing to recognize that just a few years ago smartphone powered assistance solutions for the disabled were just dreams, and now thousands of lives can benefit from what has been developed. We’re confident that mobile technology will have an increasingly positive impact on personal health, so long as dreamers like those at are leading the way.