Creative QR Codes: Bringing Paintings to Life

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Creative QR Codes: Bringing Paintings to Life

Today we wanted to share a very creative QR code campaign that took place in a couple years ago in Kraków, Poland.

Kraków is the home to the Sukiennice museum, which features a variety of 19th century Polish art. In 2011 they decided to renovate the museum, and they wanted to find a way to make their exhibits more engaging. Traditionally young people hadn’t found this museum interesting at all, so they sought out to solve that problem as well.

They decided to develop a mobile app that enabled patrons of the museum to interact with the paintings. They simply scanned the QR code next to the painting, and the characters in the paintings would come to life on their phones. This strategy proved to be very successful, engaging young people while providing educational content in the form of a sexy augmented reality app. Check it out: