Customer Spotlight – Winterhalter + Fenner AG: Mobile Order Entry with Scandit

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Customer Spotlight - Winterhalter + Fenner AG: Mobile Order Entry with Scandit

For wholesale distributors, it’s important to be able to react quickly to meet customer needs and market demand fluctuations. When customers need to place orders quickly to re-stock store shelves and inventory, distributors need to be able to provide an easy and efficient ordering solution that gives them the ability to submit orders fast—from the sales floor, stockroom or even on-the-go. In today’s customer spotlight we take a look at wholesale distributor Winterhalter + Fenner, who uses Scandit technology to power their mobile order entry application, which makes customer ordering easier than ever.

Winterhalter + Fenner is a Swiss wholesale company that distributes electrical goods from leading national and international suppliers. Their broad range of goods includes electronic components, installation materials and data networking products. After the launch of their online store and product catalog, Winterhalter + Fenner leadership noticed a high volume of customers accessing the store from mobile devices. Noting this new trend, they sought a way to improve their order management processes to support the changing behaviors of customers. They turned to Scandit technology to power a mobile order entry app that would give customers the ability to browse their product catalog, create and submit orders anytime, anywhere. Using Scandit’s barcode scanning software, wholesale customers can now easily scan a barcode to add items to an order, or search for products.

The results for Winterhalter + Fenner customers are clear; ordering has never been easier or more efficient. Meanwhile, Winterhalter + Fenner benefits from increased order frequency and revenue that wouldn’t otherwise be possible without going mobile. To learn more about Winterhalter + Fenner’s mobile order entry success, checkout our customer case study or watch the short video below (in German).

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