Geeks Shopping Guide to Barcode Novelty Products

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Geeks Shopping Guide to Barcode Novelty Products


Today we’re going to share some of the geekiest barcode novelty items that are out there. The best part is that all of this geekery is available for purchase on Etsy! Check it out:

Custom QR Code Cufflinks – $24.99

These handmade cufflinks will include a custom QR code of your choice. They’re great for the barcode obsessed business professional.

QR Code Temporary Tattoos – 12.00/set

Aren’t you just dying to have a giant QR code tattooed on your body? Well if you’re not up for the commitment of a real tattoo, these temporary tattoos are perfect!

Custom QR Code Cross Stitch Kit – $20.00

For those sewing enthusiasts of the world who’ve been waiting for custom QR code cross stich, your time has come!

Barcode Banded Bouffant Surgical Cap – $10.99

Even surgeons need style. This banded bouffant cap is perfect for showing off your love for barcodes while you sport your surgeon skills.

Barcode Oprah Winfrey Flipbook – $10.00

Scott Blake, a barcode-focused artist, created a portrait of Oprah Winfrey made from 1,824 ISBN barcodes that are included in her book club. This flipbook zooms into the portrait. The best part is that you can get flipbooks for Elvis, Jesus and more