Kick back with some tunes from the Barcode Band!

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Kick back with some tunes from the Barcode Band!

Today we’re excited to share an amazing video showcasing the “Barcode Band,” an experimental work assembled by a team of creative Korean artists. As you may have guessed, the “barcode band” is a series of barcodes that when scanned produce tones and sounds from typical rock and roll instruments. Through this method the team produced the ‘Barcode Band Music Box,” a new instrument made up from an assembly of barcodes, computer graphics, and a scanning device that work together to produce the music. Check it out:

Barcode band from Kang woon Jin on Vimeo.


So unbelievably cool!

Of course since we’re focused on mobile here at Scandit, we’d love to see this functionality utilized by an app on Android or IPhone, avoiding the use of expensive external scanning equipment. Stay tuned for more fun and wacky uses of barcodes in our upcoming posts!