Mobilize Your Wholesale Product Catalog and Increase Customer Orders

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Wholesale product catalogs come in many shapes, sizes and degrees of complexity. Some catalogs are printed and distributed by mail, online or in person, but no matter their format wholesale product catalogs are often out-of-date and cumbersome, making it difficult to update and distribute quickly to customers or sales reps.

Imagine for second that your customers could have instant access to the latest product inventory, descriptions and purchasing options for up to 1 million products. What if you were able to update your wholesale product catalog with frequently requested product details or the latest product images and price changes? What if catalog distribution was as simple as downloading an app to customer or employee smartphones and tablets? While it may sound like the future, it’s a reality today for wholesale distributors using Scandit’s Mobile Order Entry Solution.

Here are four ways your wholesale distribution operation can benefit from a mobile product catalog for smartphones and tablets:

Make Buying Easier for Customers and Selling Easier for Sales Reps

When customers have instant mobile access to a living, breathing product catalog it makes it easier for sales reps to sell products. With up-to-date inventory and product information customers know when a product is on backorder, or if a new product becomes available, allowing sales reps to focus on selling—not managing customer order entry.

Take the Hassle Out of Browsing and Searching a Product Catalog

Scandit lets customers browse by product categories, or find products quickly by searching the catalog. Better yet, scan a barcode directly from a product’s packaging using Scandit’s built-in mobile barcode scanner to effortlessly add a catalog item to your order.

Build Customer Satisfaction by Streamlining the Order Entry Process

Let customers say goodbye to inefficient paper catalog ordering and remove traditional bottlenecks by simplifying order entry processes. Leverage customer mobile devices by providing an intuitive, sleek order entry app for all their ordering needs. By removing order barriers, you can give customers a buying experience that will keep them coming back again, and again.

Reduce Sales Force Costs While Improving the Customer Experience

By providing a mobile product catalog, you reduce the amount of time your sales force has to spend fielding customer product inquiries and relaying inventory information, making them more efficient and successfully driving down the cost of each order.

Integrate Your Current Product Catalog, or Host it in the Cloud

Scandit provides enterprise connectors which make it easy to integrate with your existing IT systems (WMS, PIM, ERP). Instantly connect your existing system to our solution, or let us host your catalog for you. The choice is up to you, but rejoice in knowing that Scandit is flexible either way.

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