Scanning Datamatrix codes with the Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK

Today we’re going to chat about a special kind of 2D barcode known as the Datamatrix code.

Datamatrix codes are 2D barcodes which consist of black and white cells assembled into a square, much like a QR code. These codes have a very small footprint, which makes them ideal for logistics and operations solutions where small products have limited whitespace. To add perspective, the US Electronic Industries Alliance (EIA) recommends that they be used to label small electronic components. Here’s an example of a Datamatrix code:

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In previous posts we talked about the differences between 2D barcodes such as QR, Datamatrix and proprietary code types. Today we wanted to give you the opportunity to actually see our scanner working with these codes. Our SDK can scan Datamatrix codes as small as 3mm! It’s rather phenomenal. We’ve prepared a video which showcases the speed and agility with which our barcode scanner SDK can scan Datamatrix codes. Check it out: