What could Scandit do for brand owners like P&G?

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What could Scandit do for brand owners like P&G?

Economics tell us that in a perfectly working market, brands don’t play a role. Reality proves the opposite. In fact, (strong) brands play an essential role in the buying process of an individual. Thus, for enterprises like Coca-Cola, Unilever, or P&G—brands are often the most valuable asset and account for a substantial part of their market valuation. For these companies, it’s absolutely critical to leverage their brands and communicate them extensively.

Communication of a brand to the consumer has typically taken place through mere packaging and traditional advertising. Since brands are regularly communicated to the consumer through an intermediary such as a retailer, the brand owner must forfeit some control over the process. With the emergence of mobile and social technologies, brand owners have the opportunity to communicate directly with consumers. Two main opportunities have arisen:

Mobile App

While classical communication channels provide for limited interaction with customers, developing a mobile app allows a brand owner to engage with their customer base directly. Connecting with each customer individually to inform and engage them with new products, special offers, and loyalty programs have made mobile apps, and specifically those that incorporate functionality such as barcode scanning or location-based technologies such as geofencing, a mighty tool in terms customer acquisition and retention.

Share Product Information

By sharing authoritative product information (specifications, contents, manuals, etc.) and additional content like high-quality imagery, videos, etc. to customers or other 3rd party apps, goodwill, trust, and an enhanced reach can be developed. Giving your customers the ability to identify products is as simple as designing an app (as outlined above) or a mobile website, which makes comprehensive product information available through barcode scanning capabilities. Barcodes are everywhere, making them a simple and reliable means for people to get the information they desire.

The trends are set—now it’s the brand owner’s responsibility to come up with appropriate solutions to cope with the change. There’s a great opportunity for forward-thinking companies to build solution that cater to a new and highly educated set of consumers. With solutions like our Scandit SDK, we are making it easy for them to deliver an easy-to-use and reliable app in no time.