Streamlined Distribution Operations with
Scandit Smart Data Capture

Utilize the power of Scandit Smart Data Capture to streamline distribution operations, improving efficiency and customer experience. Scandit helps distributors streamline delivery, reordering, and field inventory processes.

Increase Delivery Efficiency and Keep Costs Low

Struggling to increase delivery efficiency while keeping costs low? The answer is to equip your drivers with smart devices powered by Scandit Smart Data Capture.

  • Scan barcodes on labels flawlessly, even in harsh conditions.
  • Speed up processes MatrixScan’s ability to scan multiple barcodes at once and reduce errors and increase productivity with augmented reality.
  • Switch seamlessly between tasks. From loading or unloading the truck, to conducting quality checks while receiving.

Get the job done faster and with fewer mistakes. Revolutionize your distribution operations with Scandit.

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Save Time with Smart Device-Based Reordering

Time-consuming scanning processes can slow down reordering at stores, restaurants, and medical centers. Scandit can enable web or app-based reordering on smart devices, leading to benefits such as:

  • Accurate scanning for better stock visibility, and inventory counts
  • Easy employee onboarding with familiar, user-friendly smart devices
  • Increased sales revenue through streamlined reordering, fewer errors, and less manual order creation
  • Business customers can build their cart on-the-go by simply scanning the product with any camera-enabled device and completing their order on your website.

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Maximize Field Inventory Accuracy and Efficiency

Efficiently manage your inventory with a Scandit-powered app. Automate inventory processes and prevent revenue losses by ensuring that stock is accurately replenished. Other benefits include:

  • Quick and accurate scanning even in difficult environments, such as low-light and glare, or hard-to-reach top or bottom shelves
  • Superfast MatrixScan technology allows you to scan an entire shelf in a single scan
  • AR overlays highlight expiration dates, ensuring safety and compliance
    Capture both 1D and 2D barcodes, and record non-barcoded label text such as LOT and REF numbers.

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Why Scandit is the Right Solution for You

Easy Integration with SparkScan

Integrate Scandit with your application in days. SparkScan can be implemented with as little as 5 lines of code.

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Scandit Express - a Turnkey Solution

Scandit Express instantly upgrades smartphones or tablets with a smart keyboard wedge barcode scanner, allowing you to scan directly into any input field from your keyboard.

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Easy Integration and Always-on Support

We’ve implemented solutions for hundreds of companies on over 100 million devices making billions of scans.

Cardinal Health simplified their order entry process with fast and accurate smart device scanning.

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“Cardinal Health is pleased with how much better, faster, and easier order entry has become for its customers since the launch of the Scandit-powered Order Express app. Glowing customer testimonials are a testament to overall process improvement.”
Brendan Gardner, Product/Market Manager – Mobile, Cardinal Health

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