Efficient Food Distribution is in Your Hands

Learn how data capture technology on smart devices helps food distributors streamline delivery and reordering processes.

Distribute Faster and with Fewer Errors using Smart Device Scanning

The need to decrease operational costs while increasing efficiency is a major challenge for food and food service distributors. Especially around busy holiday seasons.

Smart data capture software on ruggedized mobile devices offers a robust solution to mitigate distribution errors, delivery delays and order losses.

Revolutionize Driver Operations with Enterprise-level Scanning

Need a proven and accessible technology that can increase food distribution efficiency, but cut costs? Fast and accurate smartphone scanning helps bring this operational balance.

Equip drivers with cost-effective smart devices, enabled with Scandit high performance scanning software to make light work of unloading operations:

    • Scan flawlessly even in badly lit or harsh conditions
    • With one multi-functional device, drivers switch between tasks, like loading or unloading the truck, proof of delivery and picking up returns
    • Compared with expensive, single function scanners, using smartphones lowers the total cost of ownership (TCO) by up to two-thirds and can even increase performance.

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Save Customers Time with Smart Device-Based Reordering

Time to scan is a major challenge when it comes to reordering at the grocery store.

One way to make the B2B reordering process leaner? Enable web or app-based reordering on smart devices, powered by Scandit’s smart data capture technology, to create a faster, smoother customer experience.

The benefits include:

  • Save vital time with reordering processes
  • Fast, accurate scanning helps with warehouse stock visibility, inventory counts and reduces waste
  • Speed up onboarding with familiar, easy-to-use smart devices
  • Boost sales revenue with streamlined reordering, fewer errors and less manual order creation
  • Build a cart and place orders on-the-go. Customers simply visit your website in any browser, on any camera enabled device, scan the product and complete an order.

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instacart logo“Scandit technology allows our couriers to do everything from a smartphone quickly and easily. We have been able to add new mobile handsets and retire old barcode scanners as they reach the end of their lifespan, ensuring there is no disruption to our operations.”Chris Ashworth, CIO, Hermes UK

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