US Store Associate Satisfaction, Loyalty and the Impacts of AI

We surveyed 2,000 store associates from 7 countries, including 500 from the US to get the insider perspective into their attitudes to the devices they use for daily tasks and what attracts, retains and empowers them. You’ll discover:

  • The hidden keys to workplace loyalty and satisfaction and how that varies by country and sub-sector
  • How device features and training levels impact proficiency
  • Their attitudes to the AI era and suggestions on where to prioritize future investments

Regional editions available: International Edition

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Get Insider Intelligence on:

How to boost US employee retention

What makes a difference to their satisfaction and what US retailers can do reduce labor churn.

What store associates want

Learn what features they value and where improvements can be made to aid productivity.

Balancing cost and innovation

Keeping store associates satisfied with the latest technology, without constant hardware changes.

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