Smarter Shopping

A frictionless shopping experience can be the decisive factor in customer loyalty. Make shopping quick, easy and informative and customers will return. Give customers the power to shop smarter with fast mobile self-scanning and access to product information.

Personalization Pays

The rising cost of living is causing shoppers to search for value and offers and rewards to redeem. Personalize those offers and not only will grocers see an uptick in conversion, but loyalty too.

76% of consumers are more likely to make repeat purchases from companies that personalize (McKinsey).

Integrate smart data capture with self-scanning and loyalty apps and provide personalized offers directly to customers’ smartphones using augmented reality (AR).

  • Encourage greater adoption of scanning and loyalty apps
  • Use 1st party data to deliver personalization
  • Gamify the in-store experience


Informed Decisions

Sustainable and healthy products are in demand. Intolerances are on the rise. Grocers must find ways to increase the visibility of items and their contents to get shoppers through their doors.

Using smart data capture, connect shoppers to real-time data and display information directly on smartphone screens from a simple scan.

Let shoppers access:

  • Nutritional and allergen information
  • Product reviews
  • Ecological impact
  • Pairing recommendations
Woman scanning product information in store with smartphone scanning
Jisp scan and save app used in store

Increased Customer Insights with AR

To innovate and create customer loyalty, Nisa was keen to understand how they could allow customers to control their experience and take advantage of exclusive promotions.

They approached Scandit and Jisp. An augmented reality scanning app delivered fantastic results.

Read the Case Study

Customer Using Self Scanning App

How Grocers Can Lock in Loyalty

The expectations of shoppers have jumped recently. Exposed to the ease of e-commerce, shoppers are demanding more from retailers in return for loyalty.

Here are some steps that grocers can take to exceed expectations and lock in loyalty.


Integrate Into Any Smartphone

A flexible solution to easily augment the capability of your native or web application with smart data capture.

Enable high performance scanning and value-adding AR on over 20,000 different types of smart devices with our purpose built software development kits (SDK).

Get in touch to learn more about smarter shopping.

“We really wanted to give independent retailers and brands the ability to build an instant digital relationship with customers and provide them with a greater understanding of customers’ shopping behaviors through interactions and actions in-store, helping them drive sales sustainably, demonstrate ROI and gain valuable insights.”James Taylor, Head of Central Operations at Nisa

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