Meet the Scandit Case.

Delivers the scanning experience of a dedicated barcode scanner with the versatility and cost-effectiveness of a smartphone.

Scandit Case


Enterprise-Grade Scanning

Duplicates the high-performance scanning of handheld scanners by leveraging Scandit software and an iPod Touch camera.


Optimized Ergonomics

Facilitates ergonomic scanning, allowing users to point their devices at barcodes as they would with a traditional handheld scanner.


Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Simple, electrical component-free design reduces maintenance and support costs over competing scanning solutions.


The Ergonomics of a Dedicated Barcode Scanner at a Fraction of the Cost

Scandit’s new case replicates the scanning experience of a dedicated barcode scanners, mobile computer or sled, at a fraction of the cost. Our innovative patent pending design protects the device during everyday activities in a small and lightweight form factor, without compromising on ergonomics. Designed without the need for additional electrical components, our case leverages the built-in camera on the iPod Touch to scan barcodes with unprecedented ease-of-use. The Scandit Case is part of our evolving product line, including mobile software and cloud services designed to address typical workflows across logistics and the supply chain including Order Entry, Proof of Delivery, Inventory Management and more.

Product Features and Benefits

Enterprise-Grade Barcode Scanning

Provides the fast and accurate scanning performance of a dedicated barcode scanner.

Point-to-Scan Functionality

Allows users to point their devices at barcodes as they would with a traditional scanning device, enabling faster and more efficient scanning.

LED Aimer

Includes an LED aimer that allows the user to easily aim at a desired barcode, eliminating the need to look at the device screen.

Barcode Illumination

Leverages the iPod's integrated LED to illuminate the barcode, allowing for accurate scanning in even the lowest lighting conditions.

Everyday Protection

Provides a protective shell for the iPod, enabling everyday protection instore from drops or falls, extending the lifetime of the device, and decreasing TCO.

Electrical Component Free

Leverage the iPod’s built-in hardware, allowing premium scanning without additional electrical components, reducing support and maintenance costs.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Paired with an iPod Touch, Scandit’s case enables fast, reliable scanning in a multipurpose device at a fraction of the cost of dedicated scanners.

Scandit Software Compatability

Designed to leverage the full range of functionality offered by Scandit’s Barcode Scanner SDK and Enterprise App Solutions.

Push-to-Scan Button

Includes a dedicated scan button, allowing ergonomic scan triggering even with wet or gloved hands.

Practical Form Factor

Provides a lightweight, single-piece form factor critical for workers needing to carry or hold the device for extended periods during their shifts, and includes lanyard loop for easy carrying.

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