Daniel Roethlin

CEO, Ex Libris Inc.

Ex Libris intended to develop a mobile application with reliable scan technology and the “Swiss-made” Scandit SDK stood out above the competition.


Starting Point

Since the beginning of mobile commerce, Ex Libris has acknowledged the huge potential of this trend. As the largest online store for books, music, films, games and electronic devices, Ex Libris has implemented a multi-channel strategy to maintain its position in the marketplace.


Vision: Build the best mobile app for media products.

Ex Libris was aware of industry developments and wanted to carry on its market-leading role in the Swiss retail sector. As Ex Libris refined its multichannel strategy it became apparent to them that considering a mobile solution would be the right course of action. Their vision of creating the best mobile app for media products (books, music, films and games) motivated their team to work on a very reliable and novel solution for the Swiss market.



Today most products are equipped with barcodes that are easily identified. Consumers are able to scan any product with their smartphone devices to search for it on the internet. The Ex Libris team has focused on developing a solution with an integrated barcode scanner from the beginning. The goal was a visual and unique product identification system utilizing superior barcode scanning technology that helps the user to scan in any position, even with blurred and damaged codes, reducing the time it takes to shop. Ex Libris is convinced that the success of this app was dependent on its barcode scanner integration.

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