An intuitive mobile shopping list app that features barcode scanning technology.

Mobile computer vision helps Out of Milk deliver a fast, robust, and easy solution for organizing tasks.

Industry: Online retail / Use case: Shopping List App /

Industry: Online retail
Use case: Shopping List App

Flexibility Fuels Adoption

Barcode scanning functionality works well with smart devices lacking autofocus cameras, so the app is widely adopted.

Robust Scanning Performance Makes the App Customizable

Users scan barcodes and make lists as simple or complex as they need.

Superior Performance for the Widest Number of Users

Scandit technology all supports all major consumer barcodes including EAN-13, EAN-8, UPC-A, UPC-E and QR.

A simple and easy to use shopping list app

Marvin Paul, one of Capigami’s co-founders, originally built Out of Milk because he didn’t like any of the shopping list apps that were available at the time. They were ugly, clunky, hard to use and required too many steps to create a grocery list. Out of Milk’s initial feature set was intended to make it easy to create a list, as well as give users the ability to scan items into their list. The simplicity of the first version attracted a lot of users. The vision for Out of Milk was to build an app that was beautiful, easy to use and helped users stay organized. Out of Milk can be as simple or as feature-rich as users want. This allows users to deploy it as a way to build a quick list, or also to specify detailed information such as prices, categories, units, notes, and much more.

Flexibility and versatility are essential

Focusing on supporting everyday tasks for the widest-possible number of users, the barcode scanner for Out of Milk must scan all major consumer barcodes (EAN-13, EAN-8, UPC-A, UPC-E and QR). Moreover, it needs to be very fast and work on most devices, including millions of devices without an autofocus camera.

A myriad of management possibilities

Since its very first version, the Out of Milk app has supported barcode scanning. Barcode scanning provides an alternate way for users to build their shopping  lists. For example, if you’re about to throw away your carton of milk, you can scan it and add it to your shopping list so that you can remember to pick some up the next time you’re at the store. Out of Milk users have been very creative and have come up with new and creative ways to use the app. For example, some users have built their own “smart” posters with QR codes of common grocery items such as milk, eggs, etc., which they post on their fridge for quick access.

Faster, more reliable scanning from Scandit technology

When Out of Milk was looking for a replacement to ZXing’s barcode library, they looked at all the major solutions that were available (including ShopSavvy and Red Laser). In testing, the Out of Milk team found Scandit’s scanner to be faster and more reliable than the competing scanners.

Ease of use leads to widespread app adoption

Thanks to the integrated Scandit technology, Out of Milk users now have a faster and easy-to-use scanner. The scanner even works in low-light conditions. To address dark conditions, the SDK also supports turning on the camera’s flash. Last but not least, the scanner works on phones without an autofocus camera.  The Out of Milk team has found that their customer satisfaction has gone up as a result of the integration, mostly because of the Scandit SDK’s ability to perform well across all Android devices. By switching to an SDK that supports phones without autofocus cameras, Out of Milk has become available to tens of millions of additional Android users. The fact that after integrating with Scandit, barcode scans are up over 130%, proves that the Out of Milk team has chosen the right technology.

In addition to their success on Android, the Out of Milk team will be able to easily integrate Scandit into their upcoming iPhone app. Before Scandit, they were unsure which scanner would be best for Out of Milk’s iPhone version. The simplicity and high performance of the Scandit SDK helped free up valuable time for the Out of Milk team to focus on other things. They’ve found that updating to the newest version of Scandit is incredibly easy and takes less than 10 minutes, whereas updating ZXing was incredibly difficult and meant spending several hours on integration.

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