Ecommerce is on the rise and last mile delivery companies need to respond.

Increasing capacity, flexibly dealing with unpredictable peaks, and keeping costs down, are just a few of today and tomorrow’s challenges.


Here are 5 short videos where Scandit CTO Christian Floerkemeier explains why the latest smart devices, equipped with smart data capture technology, are the all-in-one solution.

They include how to:

  • Scale with unpredictable peaks
  • Quickly onboard new drivers with a minimum of training
  • Reduce last mile costs

Are you looking to digitally transform your company’s driver operations? Then the videos below are the roadmap to get you there.

How Smart Data Capture Can Help Companies Scale With Demand

Smart device technology has come a long way. Now, even affordable devices come packed with processing power and high-resolution cameras.

What does this mean?

It means they can scan as well as any single-use scanning device – whether it’s company-owned or your employees’ smart device. Plus, they can handle a whole range of other functions you might not have thought of.

Handling Driver Capacity Challenges in the Last Mile

Here’s a challenge. You have a few weeks to onboard 300,000+ drivers. How can you do it?

In this video, we explain how. And it’s easier than you think.

Driver productivity is essential. Smart devices powered by smart data capture technology can have a huge impact on making their jobs easier while helping them do more.

With the number of parcels being delivered increasing year on year, the lack of drivers is becoming more and more of an issue for delivery companies.

Reducing Last Mile Costs Through a Smart Use of Technology

It’s no secret these are uncertain economic times. Higher fuel prices are just one issue for delivery firms to manage.

But consumers don’t think about this. They expect to pay the same or less for delivery.

Smart devices are cost-effective options for driver technology. Firstly smartphones come with a lower TCO. But secondly, they allow companies to eliminate other single-use devices from a driver’s workflow.

Smart devices and apps, combined with the right technology, can painlessly improve a driver’s productivity. They can be used to handle many tasks while providing the opportunity to offer real-time additional services.

All adding up to greater driver efficiency.

How to Future-Proof Your Driver Operations Technology

It is time to revolutionize delivery driver operations. Scandit is at the forefront of enabling smart devices to help you achieve this.

Smart devices with augmented reality can help drivers and prevent errors. A good example is using it to load the van in the right address order.

There is also an opportunity to provide value-added services like ID scanning for age-verified deliveries like alcohol. Or even using smart data capture technology in warehouses with drones or robots.

Four Things to Remember - Driver Technology in the Last Mile

An executive in today’s macroeconomic climate needs to think about four things to be future-proof.

  1. How can you scale quickly up and down?
  2. How can you do it in a cost-efficient manner?
  3. How can you deploy technology that’s easy to use and flexible?
  4. How do you deploy technology platforms that don’t lock you in for the next six or seven years into a particular vendor ecosystem.

Delivery companies need to be able to deal with changes in technology
while riding the macroeconomic climate.

Smart Devices With Scandit Smart Data Capture Can Handle Any Delivery Driver Task

Smart devices can handle any delivery driver task in the last mile. They have the potential to significantly improve last-mile efficiency by making it eliminating errors and speeding up processes.

Scandit’s Smart Data Capture technology, such as augmented reality and identity (ID) scanning, can make a big difference in driver tasks and responsibilities.

Leading to:

  • Fast and accurate deliveries.
  • New services like age-verified delivery.
  • Real-time delivery information.
  • A lower TCO because it’s just one device for many tasks.

But it’s not just about use cases. Drivers are comfortable using smartphones and smartphone applications. Smart data capture technology can make their lives easier while making them more productive.

Want to find out how Scandit can help you? Contact us and one of our team will show you how Scandit Smart Data Capture can transform your driver operations.

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