Is Your App’s Scan Engine Putting Revenue At Risk?

In seconds… see how much revenue is at risk without our SDK

Our tool shows you how much revenue you are putting at risk if you power your mobile self-scanning app with a non-enterprise-grade scanning engine*. Because failed scans can only lead to missed purchases.

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Securing your revenue is just one way Scandit can make your app more effective. Want to see more? Then download our free guide ‘How to 10x Your Self‑scanning App’.

Failed scans cost more than revenue

No matter how much work has been done on your self-scanning application – shopping lists, upsells, checkout – if it fails to scan a product then your customers will potentially buy it somewhere else. Or even stop using the app altogether.

*Average 97% accuracy rate of other software solutions vs ours 99.8%.

…they can also damage your brand

Reducing risk will boost the bottom line. Scandit’s Barcode Scanner SDK will turn your customer’s smartphone into an enterprise-grade scanning device. It will be capable of scanning barcodes impacted by light glare, damage, or difficult angles.

Download our latest guide to learn how to improve your mobile self-scanning app with high performance barcode scanning technology.

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