Computer Vision for Smart Retailers

Want to make your store somewhere consumers love to shop and employees want to work?

Whether your customers are searching for products in-store or employees are keeping on top of shelf management – Scandit’s smartphone scanning technology will help them.

Scandit’s mobile computer vision products, including augmented reality and high-performance barcode scanning technology, will totally revolutionize their retail experience.

See how our smartphone scanning technology, including MatrixScan and Augmented Reality, can deal make easy work of:

  • Shelf management – such as price checking, stock checking, and where speed is essential.
  • Clienteling – instantly locate the right products to keep the customer happy.
  • Store performance – take instant control of product performance.
  • Search and Find – let the smartphone take customers to the product they want.
  • Personalized Offers – give your customers personalized deals when they are in the store.
  • Self-Scanning – allow customers to pick a product, scan it, pay on their phone, and leave. All with Scandit’s unrivalled barcode scanning performance.
  • Product Information Lookup – allow customers scan and find reviews and information about the product they are actually looking at on the shelf.