Transform Retail with Computer Vision and Augmented Reality

Scandit-powered mobile apps put retail innovation in your hands

Revolutionize in-store retail experiences easily and efficiently.

Using Scandit-powered mobile apps you can enhance how you interact with your customers and empower your employees. Our computer vision solutions, integrating barcode scanning, OCR and augmented reality, are a cost-effective and versatile software-based alternative to dedicated physical scanners.

Bring the convenience of online shopping in-store.

Put the power of digital shopping directly into the hands of your in-store customers and employees. Our software turns consumer-grade smart devices into fast, reliable scanning machines to deliver enhanced customer experiences and improved employee efficiencies from the shop floor to the back of house.

Create value across the retail ecosystem

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Create a digital in-store retail experience for less with mobile computer vision

Think Like Amazon

Discover how affordable, easy-to-deploy, next generation mobile scanning solutions are giving retailers the tools they need to compete with the biggest online players by taking customer and employee experiences to the next level.


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Getting Started

Start your move to digital ‘brick and mortar’ stores right now. Our technology is easily deployed in your existing in-store environments through a staged approach. You don’t need to look any further than widely-used mobile devices to implement fresh and exciting digital experiences for your customers and employees.

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Try it Out

Head to your app store to download and try out our demo apps for free. You’ll see how Scandit’s award-winning technology comes to life and converts your smartphone or tablet into a fast and high-performing barcode scanner.

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