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Augmented Reality Can Drive Scan & Go Engagement

Scan & Go and contactless shopping have become increasingly important as a result of the Covid-19 crisis. However, Augmented Reality (AR) can also take existing self-scanning applications to another level. Benefits include making product information more accessible, targeting offers, and driving engagement of the existing customer app.

Personalized Product Information Without Printing

In the ‘new normal’, retailers are already looking at ways to make shopping more contactless. Self-scanning reduces the number of times consumers need to touch products. Augmented Reality makes this easier and safer.

Checking product ingredients can be done by simply scanning the barcode. Then it is just a case of viewing the product information as it is overlaid on the device’s screen.

There are multiple use cases for AR in retail such as personalized offers, nutritional information & reviews. Each of these can be done without the need to print new labels or additional point-of-sale marketing.

Learn how Augmented Reality is transforming Retail.

From Effective Promotions to Gamifying Your Stores

There are numerous ways Scandit’s AR functionality can be used in-store to both help and engage customers. This includes:

  • Providing the latest offers and promotions.
  • Highlighting product information based on profile and localization.

Augmented Reality helps customers make better purchasing decisions while making contactless shopping more user-friendly. It can also reduce the need to consult staff.

According to Deloitte, by 2021, 100 million consumers are expected to shop using AR either online or in-store. So give your customers the fast, contactless experiences they need today and tomorrow.

Provide a platform for ongoing digital transformation by using AR to make your Scan & Go application future-proof. Contact our team to learn more.

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Watch our Self-Scanning AR Virtual Demos in Action

Check out our Contactless Customer Shopping Webcast to see a Scandit Solutions Consultant run through a series of virtual demos focused on self-scanning. This short video covers use cases including mobile shopping, self-scanning in-store and augmented product information via AR overlays.

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Coop Denmark reaches 1.6 million customers with self-scanning app and has faster, lower cost store operations by replacing hardware scanners with smart devices for staff.

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