Scandit mobile OCR solutions provide fast, reliable text recognition.  Add text recognition to your barcode scanning workflows, scan single or multiple lines of text to optimize a variety of enterprise workflows. Learn more:

Scandit mobile computer vision-enabled smart devices deliver high-performance PDF417 barcode scanning. Integrate Scandit barcode, text, and image recognition software into a mobile app for seamless ticketing, ID verification and logistics use cases. Learn more:

MatrixScan speeds barcode, text and image recognition processes for retail and logistics, including search and find with augmented reality, batch barcode scanning for inventory management, and shipping and receiving. Learn more about Scandit's MatrixScan today:

Scandit mobile computer vision offers superior motion compensation for fast barcode, text and image recognition on moving objects – ideal for demanding enterprise applications. Learn more about Scandit's Barcode Scanner SDK today:

Optical character recognition (OCR) and MatrixScan featuring augmented reality are two Scandit mobile computer vision tools redefining data capture and optimizing workflows for retail and logistics. Learn more: