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We provide the highest quality in mobile barcode scanning solutions for smartphones, tablets and wearable devices.

Why Scandit?


Our innovative software-based barcode scanner solutions provide unparalleled performance on iOS, Android and Windows platforms.


Our solutions are designed for today’s enterprise. We provide outstanding support and are trusted by some of the world’s largest brands.


Smartphones, tablets and wearable tech have opened up a new world of possibilities for B2C and B2E scanner apps that leverage trends such as BYOD.


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Who’s Talking?

Greg Groves
CIO of American Woodmark
Scandit provides us a key piece of technology that enables us to scan our product to ensure accurate data entry, product identification, and ease of use.
Cyriac Roeding
CEO of Shopkick
Scandit’s technology allows Shopkick to reward shoppers for just interacting with products—and our partners reap the benefits: a proven increase in sales as a result in product interactions.
August Harder
CIO, Coop Group Cooperative
With the integration of Scandit, Coop has been able to deliver a robust, high performance mobile application that provides a personalized shopping experience for customers while driving revenue for the company.