Barcode Scanning with Google Glass: “Pick by Vision” App (video)


Apps developed for Google Glass and other wearable devices are presenting new opportunities for innovation across verticals. These apps will not only allow consumers to interact with or purchase products with the blink of an eye or a simple verbal cue, they have the power to redefine the way we work.

Our “Pick by Vision” demo app showcases an order fulfillment process utilizing Scandit’s barcode scanning technology on Google Glass. The video demonstrates the process of retrieving a pick list, scanning the items on the list and verifying your picks. Check it out:

The latest beta version of our Barcode Scanner SDK is optimized for Google Glass. You can get started with barcode scanning on Google Glass by downloading our Barcode Scanner SDK.

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Zebra Acquires Motorola Solutions Enterprise Business


On April 15, 2014 Zebra announced that it was acquiring Motorola Solutions enterprise business arm for 3.45 billion, effectively consolidating the ruggedized device, dedicated barcode scanner and printer markets. As a result of the move, some may believe competition in the traditional barcode scanning hardware market is now a head to head match between Honeywell …

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Mobile Barcode Scanning is a Win-Win


Blog Post by Scandit CEO Samuel Mueller. Through the ubiquity of mobile devices, retailers have an opportunity to arm their customers and employees with mobile applications that deliver unprecedented levels of customer loyalty, engagement, and service. Many retailers have developed mobile shopping apps, which are providing added value to consumers, from letting them easily conduct …

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VDC Research Foresees a Scannerless World


Recently VDC Research published a blog post that established their predictions for the future of barcode scanning. After taking a close look at Scandit’s barcode scanning technology, VDC confirmed that they consider software-based scanning as a distinct threat to the dedicated enterprise device market. They went on to predict that software-based barcode scanning could be …

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Sorry, Motorola: We’re faster than you think


Recently we stumbled across a Motorola Solutions sales presentation that makes the claim that their SE4500 barcode engine can scan 20x-50x faster than Scandit’s Barcode Scanner SDK (page 10). Sorry, Motorola, we’re faster than you think. In their presentation Motorola Solutions references the Scandit performance page, which at one time featured data that showed Scandit’s …

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