Connecting Retailers and Customers Through Mobile Solutions

Mobile App Suite for Retail

Scandit’s Mobile App Suite for Retail provides fully customizable, cross-platform mobile apps for retailers, designed for both consumers and employees. Our selection of retail apps serves as a one-stop-shop for building out a robust mobile channel for your retail chain. All of our solutions include Scandit’s high performance barcode scanning software, which delivers unmatched speed and accuracy in camera-based barcode scanning on smartphones, tablets and wearable devices. 

Key Technical Features

  • Cross-Platform (For iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile)
  • Cross-Device (Smartphones, Tablets and Wearables)
  • Fully Customizable (In Source Code)
  • Easy Integration (With Existing Data Sources)
  • Extendable (HTML, CSS, Javascript)
  • Premium Features (Includes Barcode Scanner and Analytics)

Key Benefits

  • Fast, Efficient Development and Easy Integration
  • Low TCO and Premium Quality
  • Focus on User Experience and Integration
  • Leverage Battle-Tested Modules and Integrations
  • No Code Maintenance or Updates Necessary
  • Lower Business and Implementation Risk

Clienteling App

Scandit’s Clienteling app provide retail floor sales staff with a quick and easy way to access any product information they need to serve customers on the fly.

mPOS App

With Scandit’s tablet-based point of sale (POS) app, retailers can reduce costs and increase both customer and employee happiness.

mShopping App

Extend your retail offerings and increase sales by providing your customers with a sleek mobile shopping app for their smartphone and tablet devices.

Self-Checkout App

With Scandit’s self-checkout app you can empower your customers and reduce costs by leveraging smartphone-based barcode scanning in your retail stores.

Shopping List App

Provide your customers with a quick and easy way to develop shopping lists on the fly with Scandit’s Shopping List app.


Provide your employees with a smartphone and tablet-based procurement application that features enterprise-grade barcode scanning for quick and easy product sourcing.

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