Best Barcode Scanning Speed

Instant barcode recognition is a crucial component of any good user experience. Scandit provides lightning-fast scanning speed to power today’s enterprise. User studies comparing different barcode scanners show that Scandit significantly outperforms competing barcode scanning solutions. Take a look at our performance videos to see the unmatched scanning speed delivered by Scandit.

Robust Scanning and Reliability

Scandit is designed to handle even the most “challenging barcodes” with ease. Scandit’s precision scanning performs in the most adverse of conditions, such as low lighting, glare and warped surfaces. Our Barcode Scanner SDK can handle any barcode in any condition.

Superior Ease-of-Use

Using easy-to-use mobile devices, Scandit’s platform gives users the most familiar, yet precise, barcode scanning experience on the market.

Blurry Barcode Scanning

Unlike competitors, the Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK is able to scan blurry barcodes quickly. The Barcode Scanner SDK even works on low-end devices that lack autofocus. In Addition, Scandit’s patented blurry barcode scanning functionality increases focused scanning speeds, and makes it possible to scan very small barcodes that need to be held closer to the camera.

Scan Anywhere at Any Angle

Aligning barcodes horizontally can be difficult, but with Scandit you don’t have to. Our omnidirectional barcode scanning technology gives users the ability to scan barcodes from any angle with ease.

Barcode Size Doesn’t Matter

First generation barcode scanners require users to place a barcode directly between two markers, but Scandit does not. Scandit technology has extraordinary working range that recognizes a barcode anywhere on the screen no matter where it’s placed— far away or close to the camera.

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