Smart data capture software that scans multiple barcodes at once.

Sometimes scanning one barcode at a time is not fast enough.

Significant efficiency benefits are gained by scanning multiple barcodes at once to speed up repetitive workflows.

MatrixScan is a Scandit Smart Enabler that innovates scanning. It locates, tracks and decodes multiple barcodes, adding visual feedback to indicate which ones have been scanned. Users simply hover a smart device over the barcodes to capture an entire set in a single sequence. It makes light work of tasks like stock counts, shipping & receiving or capturing multi-code labels.


Scandit Smart Data Capture on smart devices typically costs two-thirds less than dedicated scanners


MatrixScan captures 25 barcodes x3 faster than with dedicated scanners


MatrixScan does barcode inventory management 40% faster than dedicated scanners

Speed, Simplicity and Reduced Human Error with MatrixScan

Stock Counts

Hover the device over several packages to track and capture stock counts.

Shipping & Receiving

Capture shipments made up of several items in one scan.

Multi-Code Labels

Capture several barcodes close together on one label.

Add Augmented Reality to MatrixScan

With informative visual feedback, workers can be more efficient and customers more engaged. MatrixScan AR superimposes information on top of the scanned product, pulling data from any source, such as products or delivery schedules, flight status, patient details or stock levels. The user is then able to interact with the information, such as playing a video, scrolling through instructions, or reordering stock.

Blending physical and virtual

Search & Find

Hover the device over many packages to highlight the correct one.

Sorting & Loading

View details to load for the most efficient order delivery schedule.

Shelf Management

See stock levels, delivery dates, prices and expiry dates.

Who Uses MatrixScan?

Businesses are using Scandit’s Smart Data Capture platform to integrate MatrixScan into many workflows to transform operations with unmatched speed, accuracy and intelligence.

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