Augmented Reality Overlay

Display real-time information on the device screen with an AR-enabled scanner powered by smart data capture.

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Blending Physical and Digital Worlds with Smart Data Capture

Combine mobile barcode scanning, text recognition and augmented reality (AR) using our Smart Data Capture platform to turn smart devices into powerful data capture and visual display tools.

An Augmented reality overlay adds digital information to the image of a physical object on the device screen by scanning a barcode or text and displaying the real-time data. This enables retail workers to see stock levels by scanning products in a store aisle, airline staff can view passenger details from a boarding pass scan, and delivery drivers see special instructions just by scanning a package.

How Does the Augmented Reality Magic Work?

Scandit MatrixScan captures one or multiple barcodes in a single sequence and adds information to the device screen as an AR-overlay. These are some of the most common ways this powerful Smart Enabler is used:

Search and Find

Search & Find

Hover the device over many packages to highlight the correct one.

Parcel sorting AR overlay

Sorting & Loading

View details for optimum loading order in deliveries.

Shelf Management Electro Retail

Shelf Management

See stock levels, delivery dates, price validation, and expiry dates.

Add Augmented Reality to Native Mobile Apps

Barcode Scanner SDK

Integrate Scandit’s barcode scanning software to mobile apps. Supports most development platforms.


Who Uses Smart Data Capture with Augmented Reality?

Businesses in retail, transport & logistics, healthcare, field service and manufacturing are using Scandit Smart Data Capture and AR-overlays to transform operations with unmatched speed, accuracy and intelligence.

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