Make manual entry a thing of the past. ID Bolt makes supplying ID information simple for your customers – and simple for you.

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Fast, Accurate and Secure

1-second scans, up to 100% accuracy and secure on-device processing.

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Foolproof ID Scanning UX

Optimized for desktop and mobile to improve customer experience and compliance.

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Ready to Test in 1 Hour

It takes just 1 hour to get ID Bolt into your staging environment and ready for testing.


Make “Ready to Go” the New Standard

ID Bolt eliminates bottlenecks and simplifies customer interactions.

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  • Customers scan government-issued IDs at home when booking or checking in, meaning fewer frustrations and mistakes from manually typing data.
  • Advanced Passenger Information (API) data can instantly be captured, ahead of travel, so that users arrive at the port ready to go.
Car rental customer using ID Bolt to scan a drivers’ license.

Car Rental

  • Drivers can avoid queues and get on with their journey by providing license and identity information ahead of arrival.
  • Rental companies can offer true 24-7 self-service with remote or kiosk-based pick up, for a flexible and frictionless journey.


Your Website, Our ID Scanning Expertise

Scandit maintains ID Bolt’s components and user journeys – so you never have to worry about implementation details or error handling.

  • Device handover: Laptop users can activate their smartphones temporarily as ID scanners to improve ergonomics.
  • Leading UX: Pre-built scanning interface based on tens of millions of ID scans by Scandit users every year.
  • On-device processing: Improves speed and data security.
  • Video-stream ID capture: For a faster scanning experience.
  • Security by design: No Personal Identifiable Information (PII) stored on device. All communications end-to-end encrypted.

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To experience ID Bolt in action, try scanning a document using this live example of a travel check-in workflow – including device handover from your desktop to your mobile device.

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