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Barcode Generator Instructions

Our barcode generator is a simple tool you can use to create QR, UPC-A, EAN-8, EAN-13, code39, code128 and ITF barcodes. These symbologies cover a broad range of use cases including product identification, logistics, inventory management, procurement and advertising. Use the following instructions to get started:

EAN-13 and UPC-A Barcodes

Create a UPC-A code by entering 12 numeric digits (example: 038678561125). Create a EAN-13 code by entering 13 numeric digits (example: 3033710074365).

EAN-8 Barcode

Create a EAN-8 code by entering 8 numeric digits (example: 30337100).

QR Code

Create a QR code by entering any text or URL (examples: “hello world” or “”). Note that URL’s must start with “http://” to be recognized as such.

ITF Barcode

Create an ITF by entering numeric digits, typically 14 (example: 55867492279103).

Code 39 Barcode

Create code 39 barcodes by entering valid characters: the capital letters A-Z, digits 0-9, and symbols -.$/ %* and space (example: I AM THE NUMBER 1 CODE).

Code 128 Barcode

Create code 128 barcodes by entering any ASCII data (example: Scandit43438!?).