Computer Vision for the Modern Enterprise

We Are Changing the Way Businesses and Consumers Interact with Everyday Objects

We develop software for mobile enterprise apps enabling the highest quality barcode scanning, text and objects recognition and delivering real-time insights through augmented reality.


We deliver the most reliable technology to support your core business processes that depend on scanning and require speed, accuracy and ability to integrate into any application.

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We empower your employees and customers with actionable information presented via Augmented Reality to help them make the right decisions on the spot.

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We offer you the possibility to automate labor-intensive processes by deploying scanning solutions on a wide range of mobile devices, such as smart phones, drones, smart glasses and robots.

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What’s New at Scandit?

Barcode Scanner SDK QR Code Generator


New Barcode Scanner SDK Enables Retailers to Generate QR Codes to Modernize their Shopping Apps

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Learn to create an Amazon Go-type shopping experience from Scandit’s whitepaper, Think Like Amazon

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Case Studies

BYOD Self-Checkout App Powered by Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK Elevates the Customer Experience

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How Mobile Computer Vision Transforms Clienteling

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Scan the Bright Future of In-store Retailing at NRF 2019

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