Computer Vision for the Modern Enterprise

We are changing the way businesses and consumers interact with everyday objects, one mobile scan at a time.

Our award-winning mobile computer vision software enables barcode scanning, text and object recognition for enterprise apps and delivers real-time insights through AR overlay.

Business Results
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Our innovation is focused on delivering significant operational cost savings, increased employee retention and customer loyalty.

Top Performance
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Our high-performance scanning is fast and accurate – with the unmatched ability to scan in bad light, at any angle and with damaged labels.

Enterprise-Level Support
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We offer specialist technical, solution and best practice support during the design and implementation phases and a range of support and analytics options during live service.

Enterprise-Grade Scanning on Smart Devices

Mobile barcode scanning, text and object recognition solutions for the enterprise.

How We Do it

Real-Time Information at Your Fingertips

Augmented Reality computer vision

Instantly display information about scanned objects via AR-overlay.

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hermes employee delivering a package

Scandit technology allows our couriers to do everything from a smartphone quickly and easily. From scanning a barcode to recording an electronic signature, verifying an ID and taking a picture of where a package has been left.

Chris Ashworth

CIO, Hermes UK

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