Add Smart Data Capture to Existing Apps, Immediately

Scandit Express instantly upgrades smartphones or tablets with a smart keyboard wedge barcode scanner, allowing you to scan directly into any input field from your keyboard. No need to change any software or do any coding.

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Migrate to Future-Proof Devices

Easily replace legacy technology with robust, versatile, affordable, powerful and scalable smart devices.

The Scandit Express barcode scanner runs on Android or iOS smartphones and tablets, even low-end models. It can easily be distributed via mobile device management (MDM) or enterprise mobility management (EMM) systems.

Stop Typing and Start Scanning

Improve productivity by up to 10x by instantly accessing advanced smart data capture modes:

  • Batch scanning mode: Scan multiple barcodes simultaneously.
  • Accuracy mode: Select one barcode out of many.
  • Speed mode: Scan successive items at high speed without the need to tap repeatedly on the screen.
  • Find mode: Highlight items being searched for using an augmented reality overlay using award-winning MatrixScan Find functionality. Winner of an IF Design Award 2024.

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When to Use Scandit Express

A smart keyboard wedge is ideal for businesses that need instant, no-integration solutions or when short timelines are important.


If applications cannot be modified

Add industry-leading barcode scanning to applications that can’t be modified.


If time to deployment is critical

Deploy industry-leading scanning solutions almost instantly.

AR overlay

If resources are limited

Integrate or evaluate Scandit technology without relying on in-house development resources.

Support for All Major
Barcode Types

The Scandit Express smart keyboard wedge scans all major barcode types. Configuration and rollout are straightforward and we offer specialist technical support with a range of support and analytics options.

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