Product overview

Scandit Express is an application that enables organizations to add barcode scanning instantly to any existing app or software tool on a smart device. Requiring no software changes or coding effort, Scandit Express is compatible with any app or system, even those that cannot be modified.

By adding a keyboard that has a scan button above the standard keys (a keyboard wedge), it allows users to scan barcodes directly into any input field.

The Scandit Express user interface (UI) is designed to resemble a smartphone camera. It also includes features to reduce user workload and frustration, such as aiming assist, batch scanning, and visual, sound, and haptic feedback. There is also an advanced “Find” mode that helps frontline workers and customers instantly locate items using an augmented reality (AR) interface.

Scandit Express allows you to take advantage of Scandit’s world-leading performance and experience in scanning interaction design without incurring any development costs.

Built for enterprise use, it supports distribution through mobile device management (MDM) and enterprise mobility management (EMM) systems.

Why use Scandit Express?

Scandit Express is built for businesses that need a reliable barcode scanning solution fast that requires no coding effort.

Here are some examples:

  • Teams using traditional dedicated barcode scanners nearing end-of-life, who are aiming to find a more cost-effective and scalable solution.
  • Applications that can’t be modified and require a good scanning solution, such as those coming from a third-party vendor or a legacy system.
  • Schedules where minimizing time to deployment is critical, such as retail peak demand before the holiday season or warehouses with short cycle times.
  • Organizations not capable or willing to invest in developing a custom scanning solution, such as those lacking development resources or desiring a solution with a lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

Supported devices

Runs on newer iOS and Android devices. See here for details.

Supported barcode symbologies

Scandit Express supports all major barcode symbologies, including UPC, EAN, Code 39, Code 128, ITF, Code 93, Codabar, Databar, MS1 Plessey, QR codes, DataMatrix, PDF417 and Aztec codes.

Built for every application, every industry

Scandit Express is a turnkey solution suitable for any business workflow in any industry. Users can simply download the Scandit Express application onto their mobile device to start using its enterprise-grade barcode scanning capabilities. They can then send data directly to the applications they are already using.

Example workflows

Here are some common workflows where Scandit Express improves barcode scanning efficiency and effectiveness:

Retail operations where speed and accuracy are critical, often requiring the rapid replacement of legacy single-use hardware-based scanning devices to meet today’s demands. The advanced Find mode also boosts efficiency in in-store order picking, order assembly, self-scanning and customer assistance. If the business works with an ISV, Scandit Express is compatible with any app. It is also easy to deploy across MDM/EMM systems.

Case Study: River Island

Transport and logistics (T&L) operations using data capture to track packages and shipments, maintain stock, and ensure efficient operations. Scandit Express helps organizations in supply chain logistics, air travel, and last-mile delivery accelerate the shift from traditional dedicated barcode scanning devices to smart, flexible mobile solutions. These reduce capital and maintenance costs. and improve operational efficiency with advanced scanning features, including batch scanning multiple barcodes and augmented reality.

Field services to accelerate technician diagnosis, parts ordering, and repair – minimizing overall service call times. Scandit Express is used widely in warehouses, field environments, distribution, sales, and production operations. Using inexpensive smart devices also reduces the training costs and TCO typical of traditional handheld barcode scanners.

Case Study: Altafiber

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User interface (UI) overview

Compatible with any application

Scandit Express is a no-code barcode scanner application compatible with any Android or iOS app.

Once installed and configured, the user can either:

  • Select the desired empty text field and press “SCAN BARCODE” above their keyboard.
  • Use the “Scan to CSV” feature within the Scandit Express app to scan and download barcodes to a CSV file for sharing over email, Slack, Bluetooth, and any other communication tool.

Phone Barcode Scanning Keyboard

The scanner UI has a familiar camera interface, including a shutter button that initiates scanning. An augmented reality (AR) overlay helps users position the camera over the target barcode correctly.

Depending on the mode selected, the user has a choice of scanning barcodes one by one or batch scanning many codes simultaneously. For batch scanning, users can scan as many barcodes as they want and verify them in a list, before inputting them into the desired field.

Once scanning is complete, the user presses “Done” and the barcode data is automatically entered into the input field.

Scanning Items

Scandit Express is compatible with any app or tool. When opening the scanning UI, there are different modes that can be used to scan items into the desired app.

Accuracy mode

This mode scans one barcode out of many in the camera’s field of view. It detects all barcodes available and provides an AR overlay to help the user select one target barcode.

Speed mode

This mode allows users to scan multiple barcodes consecutively. It removes the need to tap the screen repeatedly.

Batch mode

This mode is helpful for very high-volume scanning. It captures all visible barcodes instantly.

Finding items

Scandit Express also includes an additional mode that helps frontline workers and customers instantly locate items using AR. It scans multiple items simultaneously and highlights the ones needed using an AR overlay.

This reduces search time and improves accuracy compared to manual search.

The items to find can be easily input into the Scandit Express app in whatever way works best for a business.

  • Scan barcodes directly in the app (for example, a list of barcodes printed on a sheet of paper).
  • Scan a QR code. Anyone can easily generate this QR code from a list of barcodes using the free, online Scandit Express Find Code Generator.
  • Receiving a deeplink through email, SMS or any other messaging app that opens up the Find mode directly, with the items to find pre-populated.

Learn more about how to input items in the Scandit Express FAQs.


Scandit Express also allows enterprises to configure its behavior, such as visual and audible feedback, barcode validation, and supported barcode symbologies. For a complete list of customization options and how to deploy them, see the Scandit Express FAQ.

Get started with Scandit Express

There’s no need to integrate features or write code – you can try Scandit Express now by signing up for a free 14-day trial.

Once signed up, you will receive an email with instructions to set up a password.

Continue setup by following these instructions:

  1. Use your camera app or a QR-code reader to scan the QR code received in a separate email. This installs and activates Scandit Express.
  2. After installation, follow the instructions to set up the keyboard permissions to enable scanning from any software tool, such as applications.
  3. Follow the platform-specific guides on how to set up Scandit Express on your device:
    Scandit Express for iOS
    Scandit Express for Android

This setup video shows a user going from scanning the QR code in an email to scanning a barcode into a spreadsheet in less than a minute:

Security and privacy

All Scandit products follow the principle of Security by Design. We believe your data belongs to you, and we will never collect it unless authorized by you.

No keystrokes are recorded, no images captured for barcode decoding are stored on the device after the scan is complete, and no images are transmitted. Scandit Express is fully functional without network access.


  • Devices register with Scandit’s servers to track the total number of devices on which Scandit Express is used.
  • No personally identifiable information stored on the device (such as name, phone number, email address, or device ID) is ever processed or transmitted by Scandit Express.
  • All communication is encrypted.
  • No connectivity into your network and no access to your IT system is required.

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